Building Access

Campus Accessibility


The closest disabled parking spaces to the library are in Lot C, located on the south side of the Information Center.  All vehicles using disabled parking spaces must also display a valid daily parking permit or semester parking decal. Contact Transportation and Parking Services for more information.


From Lot C, the approach to the library with least change in incline is the path from the west end of lot C, which circles the building and reaches the first floor entrance. From the Stevenson/Darwin quad, use the second floor ramp. Both the first and second floor entrances have automatic doors, with ramps leading to both entrances.


All restrooms in the library are fully wheelchair accessible. The first and second floor restrooms have door-assists. See Library map for locations.


The elevator in the north wing of the library serves floors 1-3.
The south wing elevator serves floors 2-3. You cannot return to the first floor in this elevator.


A wheelchair-accessible campus phone is located across from the Information/Check-Out Desk on the second floor. A TTY telephone is available on the second floor. Additional campus phones are available on the 3rd and 1st floors.

Book stacks

The book stacks (areas where the books are shelved) have ADA-compliant widths to accommodate wheelchairs. Many are also counter-height. Library staff at any service desk can assist users in obtaining materials on shelves that are not reachable.

Emergency procedures

Emergency alarms are both audible and visible. In the event of an emergency, users should proceed to the nearest exit and not use the elevators. If someone is on the third floor and needs assistance, he or she should wait near the elevator for assistance. The library has an emergency evacuation chair mounted in the main stairwell. Library staff will check the elevator areas and call for assistance to help users safely exit the building.